What My Clients Say

Chloe is the BEST! She was my lactation consultant with my first baby and she was so kind, gentle, non judgmental and incredibly knowledgeable.

She gave me so much confidence when I had an incredibly fussy feeder with terrible reflux.. she had every trick under the sun to successfully get us through it and was so loving to us both.. we would have been lost without her.

She went above and beyond for us. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Chloe again if I had another baby and would have her on board ASAP! She was and is invaluable and has become a very special person to our family.

– Lizzie & Josh

Chloe is incredible. She is one of the calmest people I have ever met and helped us more then I could have every imagined when we were struggling with feeding.

She made me feel relaxed and confident at a time when my brain couldn’t process anything well! Her support extended so much further than her visits and I am eternality grateful for her help. Thank you!

– Rachel & Lily

We are so grateful to have found Chloe before giving birth to our son in the middle of the Covid lockdown. To put it simply, Chloe was the reason we were able to save our breastfeeding journey.

We had a bumpy start and Chloe went above and beyond to give us the best advice to help us overcome all the difficulties we encountered. But not only that, she was always there to give us support with our newborn and that made an enormous difference to our experience as first time parents.

Chloe always made us feel completely at ease with her wide range of knowledge and experience, aswell as her kind, gentle and comforting nature.

We will never forget how important she was for us during this amazing journey of becoming parents. For all these reasons, we could not recommend her services enough to any parents to be or to those with newborn babies.

– Natalia & Antoine

I was really really happy and lucky to have Chloe by our side in the antenatal care and I believe I couldn’t have anyone better.

She is very kind and always available whenever I had any doubts or questions! She made the difference on the pregnancy journey to reassure me and give me plenty of info to ultimately have a positive birth. It was a shame she couldn’t attend the birth due to lockdown [COVID-19] but it was like she was with us as she was always available over the phone to give us strength and support us! She has now become a very close person for us.

– Michela & Francesco

Chloe is a brilliant Lactation Consultant who also happens to be a great Midwife too.

With a vast variety of experience within the hospital and community environments Chloe also ran/worked in Breastfeeding and feeding drop-in clinics.

We are very lucky to have Chloe as our Lactation Consultant at The Happy Birth Club. Chloe also wrote the section on Breastfeeding in our The Happy Birth book published in April of this year.

– Pam Wild

I feel very lucky that we were able to get Chloe’s help as she was literally the reason I was able to breastfeed.

She helped form the partnership between my daughter and myself and it was such a special bond that we were able to have. I cannot thank Chloe enough for her help.

She is patient, kind, incredibly friendly and the most helpful person you could ask for.

– Aimee & James

If you have Chloe by your side you can get through anything!

The most incredibly supportive, positive wonderful person, who helped us navigate, for us, a new medical system, keep us calm when issues turned up in the pregnancy, help create the birth we wanted – and then when an emergency uprooted all our plans, help “normalise” everything and stay by our side for a very long few days!

We have a Chloe to thank for the life of our little one and have been amazed ever since watching her take so much care of others through every trimester and then to the first few months and well beyond.

Chloe is an angel – and one who knows her stuff. You couldn’t dream of having a better person with you to support you at such an important time.

– Tom & Ann