The Maternity Wellbeing Package

Price: £500

The Maternity Wellbeing Package provides you with me, The Wellbeing Midwife, as your personal guide through pregnancy. I will help you feel more relaxed, prepared and ready for the birth.

Once your baby arrives, I’ll support you with newborn care and help you establish your baby’s feeding. The package includes video consultations and phone support throughout the whole of your pregnancy and for the first week after birth.

Your package includes
  • 4 x two hour video consultations
  • Labour phone support whilst at home
  • Telephone and text support on call
  • Antenatal Education
  • Birth preparation
  • Help writing a birth plan
  • Partner support and guidance
  • Expert breastfeeding support from a qualified Lactation Consultant
  • Expert guidance in therapies such as Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, Baby massage & Nutrition
  • Access to helpful resources and videos

Please note: This package supports your routine maternity care. It provides education and wellbeing guidance, as well as on-going phone support. Unfortunately this is not a midwifery service, and therefore all medical matters or emergencies must be dealt with by your NHS Midwife, Obstetrician, local hospital or GP.

What happens at each consultation

First trimester (weeks 1 – 12)
A two hour video call with you and your partner. I’ll help plan your maternity care and advise you on how to promote wellbeing throughout your pregnancy. We will discuss how to choose your hospital and what options are available, what to expect at your appointments and scans, pregnancy rights, nutritional and exercise guidance, as well as ways to monitor your baby’s wellness.

Second trimester (weeks 13 – 26)
A two hour video call discussing how your pregnancy is going and any issues you may be concerned about. I’ll help you make plans for your birth, prepare for a new baby, discuss what to take into hospital, talk about nutrition and exercise individual to your needs. I’ll give infant feeding education and we can talk through what you’ll need to buy ready for your baby’s arrival.

Third trimester (weeks 27 – 42+)
A two hour video call helping you write your birth plan and guide your birthing partner in ways to support you in labour. We can discuss hypnobirthing and I can recommend books and courses for all budgets. I’ll give you information about the options of pain relief and discuss the eventuality of different types of birth. I can talk about exercises to help your baby into a good position ready for labour and will teach you how to hand express in preparation for breastfeeding. We can also discuss when the right time to go into hospital is and what to expect when you’re there, as well as how to best communicate with hospital staff to get the care you wish for.

A two hour video call once you are back home to answer all the questions you have about your newborn. I’ll observe a breastfeed and help you achieve good positioning and attachment. We can also discuss your recovery, exercise, wellbeing and good nutrition.

The wellbeing package provides phone, email and text support through pregnancy and the first week postnatally. If you have any specific pregnancy needs or medical conditions I’ll provide you with relevant information and guidance, along with the latest research. I will inform you of how to receive optimal care from your hospital and your entitlements. I’ll also be available to speak to you on the phone during early labour.

Breastfeeding Consultation

Price: Home visit – Initial consultation – £120. Follow up – £50 per hour.

Video call / phone call – Initial consultation – £60. Follow-up £30 per hour. 

A Breastfeeding Consultation with a Lactation Consultant can help solve your feeding problems. Education and guidance offers invaluable knowledge, along with helpful solutions to achieve breastfeeding goals. The result is a more positive breastfeeding experience all round.

For many women breastfeeding can take time to establish. Mother and baby getting to know each other is a journey, one that is passionate, emotional and frequently challenging. Over the years I have helped thousands of mums and babies to achieve successful breast feeding.

Your package includes

Either a home visit or a virtual consultation, lasting up to two hours and a follow up phone call.

I have helped women with a range of normal and complex breastfeeding issues, including:

  • Tongue-tie assessment & diagnosis – Referral & post-procedure support
  • Latching problems, fussy feeding, breast-refusal
  • Colic, wind, reflux
  • Fast let down
  • Mastitis, breast infections
  • Engorgement, blocked ducts, milk blisters, abscesses
  • Milk supply (oversupply & undersupply)
  • Maternal medical conditions such Multiple Sclerosis & Thyroid conditions
  • Babies with Downs Syndrome, severe prematurity & Bells Palsy
  • Twins, tandem feeding
  • Breast problems such as; damaged nipples, thrush, breast surgery, Hypoplastic breasts, flat or inverted nipples
  • Babies with allergies and intolerances
  • Help with expressing, bottle-feeding, night-feeds
  • Breast refusal, feeding strike
  • Babies with static or slow weight gain
  • Nipple confusion – transitioning from bottle back to breast
  • Weaning
  • Maternal nutrition
  • Breastfeeding cessation
What happens at each consultation

Our consultation will take place either in your home or via video call.

First, I’ll take a history from you, including medical and social background, pregnancy health, labour and birth details, your baby’s wellbeing and finally what’s happened with your feeding journey to date. You can discuss what help and advice you have received so far and what you’d like me to help you with. I will ask you about your goals and expectations.

Next I will carry out an examination of your baby’s mouth, tongue and suck or talk you through doing this. I will observe your breasts and nipples before watching a breastfeed, if that is possible. I will help you work through solutions for your problems and help you make plans to achieve your goals. I will educate you so you can help solve problems, offer guidance and point you towards helpful resources.

Your session will conclude with a plan which I will email to you. You will receive a follow up phone call to check how the plan is going, make changes and if necessary arrange a follow up appointment.

I will email you a questionnaire to complete before our consultation if you have time. This helps prepare, giving more time during the consultation. Most consultations will last around two hours.

The Breastfeeding Package

Price: £350

Preparation is key to success. Women and their partners who receive realistic, practical and informative breastfeeding education are better prepared for the experience.

Early postnatal support is also imperative, especially in the first week when so much is happening. The ‘Breastfeeding Package’ offers full antenatal and postnatal guidance, with on-call phone support to help you achieve success.

Your package includes
  • 3 x two home visits or video consultations to help with your breastfeeding
  • 1 x one hour video consultation to follow up once feeding is established
  • Phone, email and text support throughout
  • Experienced and fully certified Lactation Consultant on call
  • Antenatal breastfeeding education and preparation
  • Hand expressing lessons to harvest breastmilk antenatally
  • A small starter kit, including; syringes to collect colostrum, breast pads, heat and cool packs, nipple cream samples.
  • Reading resources and video’s

Please note: This package is now only available via video calls, due to Covid-19 restrictions.

What happens at each consultation

Antenatal Education
A two hour home visit or video consultation with you and your partner in the third trimester. I will educate you on the anatomy, & physiology of lactation. I’ll teach you the wonderful benefits of breastmilk and breastfeeding, show you techniques to help you achieve success and discuss what to expect in the first few weeks. I’ll give suggestions of how to prepare for breastfeeding and the best ways of initiating your baby’s first feed. I will teach you how to hand express and harvest a supply of breastmilk before giving birth. To support all this I’ll send you resources and videos to watch in preparation.

After Birth
2 x two hour home visits or video consultations after your baby is born on the days of your choice. I’ll help guide and coach you with your breastfeeding. I’ll observe a full feed and give advice with positioning and latching, so it’s comfortable for you and efficient for your baby. I will help you manage feeding on the day your milk comes-in and assist in soothing sore breasts and nipples to avoid engorgement or infections in the early days. I will teach you how to know your baby is getting enough milk and we can discuss how to sustain a good milk supply. I can also educate on expressing and storing your breastmilk.

A one hour video call within the first month on a day of your choice. I can answer any additional questions or help address any specific issues you might be having. We can talk about breastfeeding patterns and growth spurts, fussy feeding, sleeping and nutrition.

The breast-feeding package also includes phone, email and text support in between consultations.

The Birth Care Package

Price: Bespoke, contact me to discuss

Having someone you know and trust support you in labour can make all the difference to your birth experience. Having a private Midwife can give you the confidence to have a positive birthing experience.

A Midwife knows all the twists and turns of labour, has expert training and years of experience to help support and guide you in a way that is comforting and reassuring. She will mop your brow, whisper words of encouragement and motivate you with positivity. At times when decisions need making your Midwife has wisdom, giving options to help you decide which path to choose.

A Midwife will support your partner as well, as you all venture on this wonderful journey together. I can offer you this level of Midwifery support in the ‘Birth Care Package’.

Your package includes
  • Antenatal visit to get to know each other and make a birth plan (around 36 weeks)
  • Support on the phone in early labour
  • Support in hospital from the time labour is established, through to the birth
  • Help with the first breastfeed
  • Follow up visit postnatally to de-brief on the birth
What happens at each consultation

Antenatal visit

I’ll visit you and your birth partner in your home at around 36 weeks. I’ll take a look at you maternity notes and you can talk to me about your pregnancy. We can discuss and explore your feelings surrounding birth and I will help you to write a birth plan. I’ll help you prepare for labour, pointing you towards resources, local classes and books. We can discuss how to prepare your body for childbirth and coping mechanisms for early labour at home. We can discuss how I will support you during your labour and how your birthing partner can be involved.


When labour starts I will be available over the phone to support and advise you. Once your labour is established, I will join you in the hospital to support you. I have aromatherapy oils, TENS machines and electric candles for a relaxing ambience. I will be your advocate during labour helping you make decisions, explaining what is happening and working with the hospital team to ensure you receive optimal care during this special time.


After birth I will help you with breastfeeding and will support the midwives in getting you as comfortable as possible, so you can enjoy this incredibly joyous moment with your new baby. If you like I can take photos and help with any questions you may have about your newborn.

Follow up visit

Once you’re back at home, I’ll visit you to see how you’re doing. We can de-brief on your birth experience and life with a newborn. I can advise you on breastfeeding or other feeding methods and answer all those questions new parents have about their new arrivals.

The Full Care Package

Price: Bespoke, contact me to discuss 

Being pregnant and having a baby is a wondrous, life changing event. However it is a time you’ll be craving advice and support from an expert.

Having a private Midwife you can really get to know and trust will give you the confidence and reassurance to enjoy your pregnancy, birth and beyond. You’ll have access to your own personal expert to answer all your questions, you’ll get help navigating scans, consultant appointments and birth plans. You’ll have the reassurance of regular unhurried home visits from your Midwife to monitor yours and your babies wellbeing. You’ll receive ongoing education and first hand support with breastfeeding, along with daily postnatal visits to help with your newborn baby.

This is an invaluable package to nurture you throughout pregnancy, birth and into early parenthood. I can be your private Midwife for the ‘Full Care Package’.

Your package includes
  • Booking appointment from early pregnancy (around 12 weeks)
  • Regular monthly appointments in your home up until 28 weeks
  • Fortnightly appointments from 28 weeks to 36 weeks
  • Weekly appointments from 37 weeks till birth
  • Labour assessment at home and support at home if needed
  • Support in hospital from the time you’re in established labour
  • Postnatal care up for to 6 weeks, depending on your needs
  • Continuous phone support throughout your care
What happens at each consultation

Antenatal appointments

You initial booking appointment will take a full medical, family and obstetric history. I will give you lots of information and make any necessary referrals. We can discuss wellbeing in pregnancy, including diet, exercise and supplements. 

Each antenatal appointment includes blood pressure check, urine check, measurement of your baby from 28 weeks plotted on your personalised growth chart, a monitoring of your baby’s heartbeat. Blood tests, screening and scans discussed, explained and reviewed. If necessary referrals will be made to other health care specialists. Ongoing education, advice on local classes, online resources and relevant reading.

Throughout your pregnancy, I will help prepare you for birth, breastfeeding and life with a newborn baby.

Private scans and blood tests can also be arranged for your convenience.


During labour I will be available over the phone to support and guide you whilst at home. If requested I can visit you and assess your labour before going into hospital. Once it’s time to go into hospital I will come in with you. Care in hospital is as described in the birth package.


Each postnatal appointment includes, a full postnatal check on you and your baby, breast or bottle feeding support, guidance with newborn care, wellbeing and safety. Newborn blood spot test, baby weighing, any necessary referrals to other specialists, interaction with health visitors, signposting to local support groups, mental health monitoring.

Antenatal & Postnatal Care Package

Price: Bespoke, contact me to discuss

If you’re after a more affordable package, but still want a Midwife you can get to know, this may be the perfect solution. This package is exactly the same as the full care package but without the labour support. Due to insurance, labour care from a Midwife is expensive and you are also exempt from the ‘on call’ cost.

You will still have all the wonderful support throughout your pregnancy, as well as your trusted Midwife on the end of the phone when labour starts. After your baby is born, I will visit you at home and support you with your newborn baby.

Your package includes
  • Booking appointment from early pregnancy (around 12 weeks)
  • Regular monthly appointments in your home up until 28 weeks
  • Fortnightly appointments from 28 weeks to 36 weeks
  • Weekly appointments from 37 weeks till birth
  • Phone support in early labour
  • Postnatal care up for to 6 weeks, depending on your needs
  • Phone support throughout your care
What happens at each consultation

This package is identical to the full care package, without the labour support at home and in hospital.


“Thank you so much for all your help and support following the birth of our ‘baby boy’ earlier this year. After a traumatic experience in hospital, you helped diagnose his tongue tie and make the appropriate referrals and follow up support – his jaundice disappeared, his feeding improved immediately and he is now a chubby, mischievous, little man.”

– Louise

“We wanted to say a huge thank you for all you do and the help you provide to all the Mummies in Clapham. You made all our baby girls feeding dreams come true.”

– Ameenah

“Our baby boy is now one years old and I wanted to thank you for all the breastfeeding support you provided since his birth. I hope our paths cross again.”

– Fiona

“We wanted to say a big thank you for all your help and support. You provide an excellent service and have meant we were able to get feeding established and continue with it.”

– Juliet

“We have visited you every week for the last year and wanted to say thank you for making Motherhood even more special.”

– Daniela

“We would like to thank you for being so fantastically caring, kind and supportive throughout our breastfeeding experience. It was a stressful time made easier by your friendly and accessible approach and we thank you sincerely for that.”

– Sara